Thebeezybee2022/06/06 09:47

Let us stop the killings happening on a daily basis


I am the Bleeding Heart,

Not the beautiful flower that shows natures art,

Tears rip my heart in parts

And now, my heart bleeds.

My heart bleeds,

As humanity weeps,

Weeping over her crushed seeds,

Seeds whose desire was to grow,

Grow and blossom with flowers,

Roses, Dahlias, Tulips, Hibiscuses, Lilies, Daffodils, Daisies, Plumerias, Carnations, Sunflowers,

Adding their awesomeness to the beauty of nature.

But now, what is left of these seeds?

They are crushed.

Crushed by the created,

The created man,

Man, what has happened to your conscience?

Conscience formed out of love,

Love now replaced with hate?

Hate burning daily leaving these seeds crushed.

Crushed as young, old,

Male, female,

Rich, poor,

White, Black

Crushed in the night,

Crushed in the day,

Crushed in their homes,

Crushed as they walk,

Crushed in their sorrow,

Crushed in their happiness,

Crushed in their sleep,

Crushed as they work,

Crushed in their silence,

Crushed when they speak,

Crushed in search for daily bread,

Crushed intentionally,

Crushed as they fight for their rights,

Crushed when their voices accept defeat,

Crushed in their place of worship,

Crushed in their place of business,

Crushed in their quest for knowledge,

Crushed while seeking for justice,

Crushed in service to man,

Crushed in their numbers,

Crushed, crushed, crushed

Crushed with no breath,

To see the light of another day.


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