Mama Comes Home

Racekasedy2022/06/05 13:06

Out of the countless times i felt happiness within my family, i think the one that i can call the greatest, best is when my mother came home after 2 years from Kuwait. It was 2 in the afternoon, i was playing an online game after cleaning the house. I was exhausted, tired. Then i heard my little sister shouting with a happy tone saying "Andito na si Mama!". After that, when i stood up i saw my mother carrying her baggages and Belongings. I rushed at her, with a warm hug, might be the tightest and warmest hug i ever gave to someone. I was so glad that i faintly remembered that i am worn out due to cleaning. While resting, we talk about the past memories as we are a complete. A hour later, we went to the mall. We bought many stuff which are usable and with sense buying. I ate a lot that day, i have never been that alive as i was that day, 14th of november last year. The excitement, joy, and bond that strengthen that day, it was precious, beautiful, and brief memory for a life time. Although it is just a normal day, for me it is a great, great day, all of the positive feeling that i felt, all the laugh and stories that we shared, that exact moment that we are together as a whole, untied family, it is blessing that can never be estimated by time and money.

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