Man at the Edge

Racekasedy2022/06/05 12:51

One midnight, a man named "Casper" was on his way home, walking in a lonely, dark, and silent street as he usually does. Then, he notice this line at the edge of the creek, he let his inner childish side to take over as he traced the line by walking on it. While he's happy doing his thing, Casper didn't notice a rock ahead of him, at the end of the line. He jumped straight to the end as he stepped over the rock and slipped and fell off the creek. Luckily, he did not gained any serious injury, just a lot of mud covering his clothes. Then, he suddenly get up and continued to walk towards home. While walking, he heard a child saying "Are you fine?". He immediately run as fast as he can in order to get rid of his fear. He found a Bench in a corner, he sat there out of exhaustion, chasing his breath. About a minute have passed when he someone again, this time a man saying "You have to be fine." He started running again wearing a scared and confused look on his face. Finally, He reach the street where his house is located, he lean to a electrical post, for the last time, again he heard a voice, a voice of an old man, saying "You'll be fine, we'll get through that." This time he did not run but instead, he cried, he cried while walking, cried while and entering his house. Then as the moment where he came up to his senses, he finally understood what those voices were saying. So, he takes a bath, change his clothes, and came back to the place where this weird things stated the line in the edge of the creek. as he stood at the end of line and face towards to the creek, he saw the child, the man, and the old man he heard. It turns out his family, his son, brother, and father. He cried while on his knees, realizing he is not what he wants to be, he is worn out, he is tired, he wants his family. He came home for sleep. As he open his door, a blinding light flashes out of nowhere. As his eyes open he saw the child, the man, and the old man in front of him. As it turns out that he's been in comma for about 3 months and finally wakes up after falling into that creek while walking towards his home. He suddenly speak to the three and saying "Son, Brother, Dad!". They feel so happy that Casper is back. He finally realizes that those three were the most important person in his life other than himself.

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