The inconspicuous crown

Muhsinah2022/06/03 07:58

Those who knows that being healthy is a crown will get the best out this short poem; and those of us who aren't noticing that inconspicuous crown will get to known how invaluable the crown is

The inconspicuous crown

I shine respledently on the head of my possessor;

Like the summer sun.

I am the best example of what human calls evenhanded,

Because the rich, the poor, the influential, the politician_

And even prophets, get to feel my disappearance.

But none of you sees me, because I am the invisibly invincible.

No one wants to feel my wrath, but I cannot always stay with you,

The sick can only see me dazzling on the head of the healthy.

They now say, oh! I am the only one that can see the inconspicuous crown,

The crown of being healthy; dazzling on the healthy ones.

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