Why Are Lab Grown Diamonds Earrings So Expensive?

Stefee2022/05/31 11:17

The process of making lab grown diamonds involves chemical vapors and presses rather than high pressure found in nature. This is why lab grown diamonds take a few months to create as opposed to several million years. Because of their origin. The time taken to create them and their uniqueness makes lab grown diamond engagement rings more valuable than those produced in mines. Lab grown diamonds tend to be of better quality because they don’t go through intense heat and pressure like mined ones do.

They also aren’t susceptible to bloodline imperfections or inclusion; they contain no radioactive material either which means they’re safe for sensitive skin people. It’s easy to see how lab grown diamond earrings cost so much when compared with normal mined ones! There's even talk about creating synthetic gems that would rival natural stones but at a lower price point. Lab Grown Diamonds India is one such company producing these amazing gems! Their lab created precious stones will soon compete with natural ones at much lower prices than ever before!

What Makes A Natural Diamond More Valuable Than An Artificial One

Diamonds, like many other precious stones, are valued for their rarity. A natural diamond is cut and polished from a rough stone pulled from deep inside Earth’s crust. Natural diamonds have been around for hundreds of millions of years and will likely be here long after we’re gone. The rarer something is, generally speaking, the more valuable it is. But what makes one diamond worth thousands more than another identical diamond that was created in a lab? Labgrown diamonds are essentially synthetic versions of natural ones, made by replicating conditions found within Earth’s mantle to grow carbon crystals in laboratories.

These man-made gems aren’t nearly as old as those found naturally but they do share some commonalities with them: they look alike and they can be used to make jewelry just like any other gemstone. One difference between lab-grown and natural diamonds is that lab-grown ones often come in colors not seen naturally—and these can fetch higher prices because there simply aren't as many out there on the market.

The Grading System Used In The Jewelry Industry

The grading system used in jewelry has a direct effect on how much labgrown diamonds engagement rings cost. Diamonds that make it through rigorous testing can receive certification by an agency such as GIA or AGS. Labgrown diamonds that receive certification will undergo a similar process, which is why certified lab grown diamond engagement rings sell for tens of thousands of dollars. If you want to buy lab grown diamond jewelry online but don’t want to spend too much money, look for those without certification; they won’t be eligible for resale at most jewelers, but they’ll still have all of their beauty and sparkle.


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