Demica2022/05/31 01:09

A simple poem i wrote from my very own experience

Why Lie?

Why lie?
If you love someone,
Why lie?
It can cause a conflict
And even become an addict
So why lie?
Why lie?
If you care,
Some people can figure out just by one glare,
So why lie?
Why lie to someone you love?
Lies were never created by the one above;
It was the devil!
So don't lie, Its evil!
Don't lie!
especially to someone you claim to love
Or you will be the one they get rid of.
Don't lie to the one you said you love,
You will make them think bad about you.
What I'm saying here is true.
Don't lie to someone you claim to love!
It hurts!
It's as bad as a curse
So don't lie!!


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