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What are wishes? For me desires which can change your life for good, you might ask why I say such thindg, well I all began in Nokoy, A city which was know for excelling in all aspects, suddenly began to fall to this, Nokyo a city full of youth who are looking for wealth, love and power. During all that a man spoke some words which said in a day the curse will be broken by the love of two

In Nokoy;

An apartment of industrial site,

A young lady with the name Shai yun, a girl who has an elegant shining blue hair, light blue eyes just like the sky, thin smooth pink lips and of a well shaped body and oh don't forget nicely maintained whitish green brows.

She was writing to her diary, words like "Dear diary it's me again the last time we spoke I was happy for my exams (final) went out but, today is a different issue, I yun have a wish, I hope you could accomplish for me, well it starts like this, after the exams, I haven't found a partner who I can share all my emotions and feeling with.

Constant searching, but all to no avail, I just hope you can help me find a boy with these characteristics; Good looks, Cute, Nicevoice, Whitehair and Stronge, somebody that is very powerful, so that he can protect me from all the jukail and vixen which likes to pest around me", dear diary I hope you can do this for me, oh Diary.

in a temple at the same time exactly,

A young guy at which was praying in the temple saying "hey fucker you know am a murder that I can't live without killing as it is my passion but this is what makes me not to have a motherfucking Girlfriend!! to play and have sex with, sorrow and joy as we stay together if only you can answer this request I" he said as he begin feeling drowsy "I'll haa" *tud* as he fell to the ground and slept off.

As he slept off the statue of the great Buddha shone as bright as before.

They both slept peacefully while their wishes came true.

In the morning,

waking up in the temple he spoke surprisingly "huh so I slept in this cranky old place, oh my head but at least I had a good sleep.

He said as he stood up and headed straight for the door, he opened the door and steped out only to be amazed and speechless as to what he saw, what is happening!.

He saw people flying on swords still couldn't believe his eyes, he decided to clean them twice after that he saw him self in another scenery where people shoot different types of element from different parts of their body he slapped him self twice to be sure all he received was pain but no he confirmed that he is in a different place.

So he decided to talk a stroll and look around but as he too one step he found him self inside a dungeon.

Meanwhile inside the dungeon,

Just I in far end of the dungeon he saw a girl was running away from some monsters chasing her as she cried out "why, where is this place and what are these creatures chasing me, please somebody anybody help!". Suddenly, she tripped and fell to the ground, as the monsters carried it club to hit the girl, he appeared and the hit landed directly on his head and he fell down in pain.

Shocked but still afraid at what just happened the girl broke out in tears as fear took over her, stiffed in gear she got strucked by the head then she fainted.

An hour later,

she woke up only to see herself tied up and the boy that saved her about to be cooked.

Just then she began to pray, just as she was praying, the boy's body began to emit a redish yellow light as he began to levitate, waves of energy were exploding and pushing everything and creature within it's gap as far as possible.

Immediately, he opened his eyes only for the monsters to behold what they haven't seen a human do ever before, red drak eyes with lines like that of a maze.

Angered by what just happened to him, he stared at them with ranging flames in his eye he ultered only just a word "DIE".

The wind became his blade as it sliced through all the monstrous creatures to pieces, right after their death, he came down at which a gate way opened for them to exit the dungeon.

He went to the girl then jacked her up and carried her on his arms then they left the dungeon.

outside the dungeon,

Infront of the national subway,

Due to the energy dispersed when they were inside the dungeon it caused a lot of disturbance outside, so as they came out people only had one question on their mindes *was this caused by them* while some spoke it out of their mouth the others whispered to themselves suddenly,

An arsenal of black incorporated JEEP cars drove to the area with only one goal to get hold of the ones who came out of the dungeon.

In one of the vehicles a man dressed in black thick suit came out and walked up to them and said "please Noble citizens can you both follow us for proper verification.

As they both heard what he said, they reluctantly followed him into the vehicle.

Immediately, the arsenal of cars left for their organization "Hero org" with there mission almost complete.

Infront of Hero organization,

Reaching in front of the organization they came down from the the car and a woman dressed I a suit came and asked them to follow her, the MIB followed them up into the organization.

Inside the organization,

Steping inside was like stepping into a new world which they haven't seen before, mesmerized they stopped, the boy with his mouth wide open that he was been draged by a girl all the way through till they reached their destination.

Snapped into reality as he suddenly stopped infront of a room, as he heard a voice saying "My son make me proud" he decided to agree with him self that he was hallucinating, immediately infront of him the girl was asked to enter the room while he stays outside.

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