Enyonam Bonsi2022/05/30 05:01

Love is the greatest thing ever. Again, I am willing to write poems for you. Just comment the tittle and i will gladly do it



Love is blind, love is sweeter than honey, love is the forgive of mistakes, love is portrayed when you can't sleep all in the name of thinking about that one person

All this and more are people's definitions of love

While I have a different definition

Love is happiness

Love is honesty

Love is faithfulness

Love is humility

Love is trustworthy

Love is patient and gentle and kind

Love is slow to anger

Love in a relationship is not all about sex

Love understands

Love does not complain about mistakes but helps corrects them

To be in love is a wonderful experience

I am deeply in love with love

What about you?

-Enyonam Bonsi.

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