To the rose that is red.

Frank2022/05/29 21:09

To unending love, to an enduring heart. "To the rose that is red," is a tail about a lover that never finds his true love but this never stops him from continuing to search for it.

To the rose that is red.

A stubborn little flower you're,

Your beauty, a spectacle to be hold,

Your fragility, questionable?

You choose to be resilient, if need be,

You choose to be weak, if you have to,

Your uncertainty makes me question my garden

In the garden, I have seen aspects of you

That had to be removed,

In the garden, I have seen aspects of you

That are yet to bloom,

In the garden, you've truly bloomed once and quickly died off,

In the garden, there's always hope

One day, I'll learn to grow you,

One day, you'll understand the much that is given,

One day, you'll blossom with grace,

One day, I will let you stay,

One day, you'll fit my garden and my garden will fit you,

I'll always be here waiting,

Naturing and catering to your thorns,

The garden ideal, awaiting your presence,

To the roses that are red, you'll always have a place.


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