how to start a gaming channel in 2022 │YouTube gaming channel

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How you can start a YouTube gaming channel, and how you can grow it up to 1000 subscribers and get monetize within 30days! ALL FOR FREE

how to start a gaming channel in 2022 │YouTube gaming channel

here's how to start a gaming channel in 2022

strategy number one 

how often to upload if you produce good gaming content over time your channel will get traction now


what's good content sense isn't that subjective and how often should you upload it well good simply means that it gets its intended audience which in this case are gaming fans to click to watch your videos and then keep them on youtube


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ideally on more of your videos and i'll reveal how to do that in just a second but first how much should you upload no you do not need to produce daily videos to grow a gaming channel in 2022 you can if you can produce quality content and we'll go over that in just a second 

but i would aim to upload at least one gaming video per week as for how long your videos should be i would simply take the amount of time that it takes you to produce content with no filler no fluffs and that has a huge advantage of doing well 

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strategy number two play only one game on your channel now as a gamer you probably enjoy multiple games 

however i encourage you to only focus on one game ideally your favorite one in 2022 you can still play other games for fun 

but i would recommend focusing on as few games as possible on your channel you'll notice that a lot of the top gaming channels out there like beast gaming lucky maker ls meme and not all do this now you might be saying well 

there are some big channels out there that do play multiple games and while that is true a lot of them actually grew playing one or just a couple games and they got known for that here's why specifically i recommend starting off playing one game 

when one of your gaming videos takes off your entire channel and all the other videos on your channel will be benefited by, it because you have a channel full of videos from a single game because of this you'll get a higher view to 

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subscriber ratio your subscribers will watch more videos on your channel your viewers will watch more videos on your channel and this is a key indicator for youtube to then push your content more strategy number three how to actually make your gaming videos if you're gonna be recording your gameplay 

Use nice software to record your content 

i recommend using a free software called obs studio to record and then at least getting a decent usb mic like a blue yeti nano i would also suggest getting a face cam for your gaming videos you can start off with a webcam like a logitech c922x which has great quality and then eventually when you can afford it,

you can get a dslr like a panasonic gh5 and then connect it via an hdmi cable into your computer with something like a camlink 4k which essentially turns your camera into a super high quality webcam and 

now you might be asking do you absolutely need to show your face if you're running a gaming channel no you don't need to show your face and i actually run a channel with over a million subscribers not in the gaming niche by the way 

but i'd never have shown my face on that channel however for gaming channels i would recommend showing your face if a lot of the top channels in your niche that play the game that you're going to be playing 

do so you'll notice that some types of gaming content like gaming walkthroughs or if you're making top 10 lists of other people's gaming videos like 

the channel top 5 gaming they don't necessarily need to show their face

so it depends on the type of content and i recommend doing a little bit of research into the videos that are performing well on the game that you're going to be playing then i do recommend editing your videos taking out any blank space 

where you're not talking or nothing's happening and some free editors are shot, 

shot cut and hit film express and my favorite paid editor is powerdirector i recommend editing your videos similarly to other videos that are performing well in the game that you're going to be playing 

don't directly copy them but if you notice that a lot of the top channels don't have intros they have a lot of fast cuts and they're growing really fast this is a really good sign about what you should incorporate also into your videos 

Demand for your content 

strategy number four make sure there's demand for your game to make sure you're not wasting your time with your gaming channel given you want to get a lot of views with it and potentially make money from 

it i recommend doing a little bit of market research to make sure you're not playing some super obscure game that'll hurt your chances of getting views and subscribers to do this you can simply go to 

youtube search the game that you're thinking about playing and then making sure that there's at least a couple videos with over a hundred thousand views on them and i would make sure that there are videos consistently going up with a lot of views about your game all you have to do 

when searching on youtube is click filter and sort by the most viewed videos uploaded in the past month to make sure that there's videos continuing to go up about your game that are getting a lot of views and that it's an evergreen game like minecraft for example 

now you might be asking are there some games that are just too saturated and too much competition that i shouldn't go into like minecraft for example that's a great question and we're gonna be covering that in strategy number six in just a second but first let's go to 

How to find videos to make

strategy number five which is how to find what videos to make here's how to never run out of ideas for your gaming channel you can use this as a checklist of places to get videos from number 


other popular videos on youtube and these can be found by searching your game on youtube clicking the video seeing the suggested videos that pop up there's thousands of video ideas right 


there number two is keyword research and number three is new gaming features so for other popular videos you can subscribe to some of the top channels in your niche that play your game and then see what the most popular videos on their pages are and then recreate them for yourself for keyword research you can use tools like vidiq to search keywords relating to your game and 

then sorting by the top overall score keywords which will show you keywords that have a high amount of search volume and a low amount of competition 

so that you can start getting easy search traffic and this can be a great way to initially find videos to make for your gaming channel and then finally you can join communities of the games that 

you're playing on places like discord, reddit, online forums and more in order to discover big updates that are coming to your game 

so that you can potentially make videos about them also by doing this you'll see what the community at large is interested in and whatever you do remember this when it comes to growing your gaming channel in 2022

in order for your gaming channel to do good you need to provide value and value can be in the form of educational value or entertainment value walkthrough videos that teach people how to do things in the game 

would be educational value and entertainment value would be just doing something fun and entertaining in the game 

both can work great and definitely keep in mind when you're producing your gaming content that you're providing value to the end viewer now like i promised we're gonna get into 

How to determine the competition for keywords 

strategy number six how to determine if there's too much competition for the game that you're going to be playing and before we get into that 

make sure to share this content to your friends and family that are also into YouTube gaming channel now 

here's how to do it now at this point you might be asking about saturation and if it's even possible to grow a channel in the game that you're thinking about playing now 

here's what most people on youtube do not understand about competition now saturation up into a certain point can actually be a good thing 

because you can get into the suggested video feed of other popular videos that are playing your game however there can be such a thing as too much competition 

if you're not producing content that's better and better simply means a higher click-through rate and a better audience retention more watch time than the competition everybody talks about 

too much competition but what most people fail to account for is that viewership is and has continued to increase accordingly 

so even though there is more competition there's more viewers as well and out of the competition how many of them actually produce good videos that perform well and how many of them actually know what they're doing and are actually 

applying a good strategy like you're discovering in this video i mean how many minecraft let's play videos have you seen out there that have no editing 

whatsoever they have a title that nobody in the world would ever search for no custom thumbnail and no voice in their videos

so yeah that's a ton of competition but if you can produce videos better than that competition then i believe that you can grow and here's the secret 

if you can produce videos better than the competition then it doesn't matter how much saturation there is so this is what i recommend you do just to make sure that you can grow your gaming channel watch some of the top gaming channels in the niche and the game that you want to play and be honest with this can i produce content that's

similar to the content that they're producing and really ask yourself this because if you can't produce content that's at least equal to what's already performing well on youtube

then you might not be able to compete on the same level as them you might still be able to get thousands of views or tens of thousands of views 

but in order to get millions of views and compete with those top channels just ask yourself 

if you can produce content similar to them and 

if you can't do not worry at all because you can learn how to make these videos over time with your gaming channel just for 

example look at some of the first videos on some of the most popular gaming channels out there and 

you'll see that everybody starts somewhere they're usually really crappy videos and with the strategies 

you're learning in this blog content today, you might even be better than some of the biggest channels with over a million subscribers 

when they're first starting and if you're this good now imagine where you'll be two three five years from now with your gaming channel and the big gaming channels

that are out there their first videos typically aren't the ones that go viral and if you really want to run a big gaming channel and you want to know what it takes it usually takes uploading a lot of videos with little to no traction 

until one of your videos takes off feeds all the other videos on your channel and eventually hopefully experience exponential growth now most gaming channels out there can't handle uploading 30,60, to 100 videos with little to no traction and a lot of them give up 

but if you're serious about doing this and i believe in you if you are then it typically takes a significant backlog but trust me at the end of the day 

it's worth it if you can make a living doing something you love playing a game you love it's one million percent worth it now here's three secrets to 

make sure that you do this the right way to make sure you succeed with your gaming channel secret number one is fair use now video games are copyrighted works and you might be wondering 


how can you avoid copyright problems when playing games on youtube now the good thing is that most video games out there provide licenses because they realize it's incredibly beneficial to get all the free advertising

that comes from youtubers who play their video games i recommend going into the terms and conditions of the game that you're thinking about playing and luckily most video game publishers 

put this right out there on youtube if you search for this and making sure that you can play their game on youtube for commercial use which simply means that you can make money from your videos just search things on google 

like, can i stream this game, can i make money making videos about this game and similar terms to find one that the creator of the actual game published secret number two making good thumbnails in titles even if you have the best gaming video in the world 

Use attractive thumbnail 

if you don't have a good thumbnail and get people to click to watch that video you won't get as many viewers as you possibly could the way we can increase the chances of people clicking to watch our videos is by having good thumbnails and titles for your first 30 videos especially 

i recommend modeling what has already worked in your niche and making similar thumbnails and titles again this does not mean copying exactly but doing the best practices that are currently working and you can use tools like canva and snappa to make great thumbnails easily and 

Have an optimized loop

secret number three how to grow your gaming channel fast the key to growing your gaming channel fast in 2022 is having an optimization loop in place that will ensure that your gaming channel grows over time first things first we don't want to be 

just guessing in the beginning and uploading random minecraft let's play videos with no editing or voiceover or anything we want to be modeling what already works for our first 33 videos if we notice that the competition is producing 

10 minute videos successfully then this is where i would recommend you start as well then once we've uploaded 33 videos on our channel and remember we're not just guessing with these videos we're seeing what's already worked recreating videos in our own way based off of those videos then 

i recommend analyzing the analytics of those 33 videos and doing a deep dive once they're uploaded we want to look at the audience retention rates for your individual videos see 

where people are clicking off and see where people are watching more if you notice people are dropping off during your long intros then 

i recommend simply cutting out your intros and your videos will do way better next look at your click-through rates and see what style of thumbnails are getting 

the highest click-through rates and getting the most people to watch your videos and make sure that you have at least 4 000 impressions in order to get statistically significant data as well and don't worry at all if you don't have this yet don't worry if you don't have it after 30 videos 

it typically takes some time for youtube to test your content but they will especially if you optimize it correctly and if your content performs good in youtube's tests then they'll continue to push it more then upload another batch of 30 videos based on 

these improvements and if you do this over time and you repeat this process your channel will grow and it's very likely to do better over time because now you have an actual system in place rather than 

just guessing and by next year you'll have an established gaming channel getting regular views and subscribers type yes down in the comments to affirm 

So I you now know everything about starting a gaming channel, and if you got a little value from this content! Say thanks to us by SHARING THIS CONTENT with your friends and family also 

Thanks for reading 

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