Psychology of girls

Nameless2022/05/28 06:38

Girl's are more emotional and Overthinkers as compared to boys. Due to which they face more stress and even I am facing this problem since a little long time.What is the reason behind this? How can we be free from so many barriers which are imposed on females only? Can we imagine the gender equality.

Being a medical student, I face a lot of stress which is common among both male and female medicos. But as a female, in my point of view-I am facing extra stress due to Overthinking which may be due to relationship issues, studies, family issues and so on.

1.My first doubt is-why is so?

2.How we can overcome from such stress?

Overthinking can be understand from this example- Like when my friend aur anyone else said me something which hurts me and at the same time we discussed the topic and matter is solved. From his/her point topic should be ended there only. But as a overthinker, the same things goes on my mind repeatedly. Like why he said this, The response given by me is right ar wrong. I discussed this problem with my friends and they said girls are like this. So I want to know is this is gender issues? How can this issue would be resolved?


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