Changing bad mind set

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What is mind set?

Mind set are things that you set your mind to do, this things come to your mind through imagination of things. The picturing of things aids mind set and also helps individuals to have greater view about mind set.

What bring about mind set?

Situation, books, determination and advice bring about mind set. Most time situation causing pressure from friends, family, relatives, colleagues and neighbors can bring out mind set. Mind set will bring about thinking and these make the brain working. Most times we do ask ourselves questions that challenge our mind set some of the questions are

What will u achieve if I do this?

What are the challenges I will face if I have this mind set?

What are my chances of making it e.t.c

This question plays a great role in making and achieving our mind set while it also make great impart on our emotions.

Types of mind set

Good mind set

Good mind set are the one that make one achieve great things in life. It make a person of low level to dream high and also make one becomes different among the rest. Good mind set was what Bill Gates had and that is what make me to become what he is today, good mind set is what Barack Obama had and that is what make him to achieve is aim. Most great people in the world make their mand set to be positive always and they achieve what others cannot achieve through. There is a popular saying that 'a healthy mind is a healthy body' so when you have good mind set you will always be healthy and never be sick. When you keep having good thinking and good mind set you will love above the negatively of the world and create good impart while achieving great success in the world. Take a good look at the great people in life that has good mind set they are the one that always rule the world with their idea and initiative. Great and genius legends we see and here their story today become what they become not as a result of been in good places and enjoying all the necessity of life but as a result of good mind set.

Bad mind set

This mind set is the opposite of the first one stated above. This mind set is the one that supplies all the negative thoughts and emotions that we have. Killing, bribery, rape, envy, revenge, hatred, and the others are been given birth by this mind set. Those emotions add more power to the mind set thereby making the mind set strong in the mind. People like Hitler are been able to accomplish their mission with the help of this and many others. Assassin and armed robbers, bandits killers and invaders are been brought to life by this mind set. When you start seeing yourself that you are the one that suppose to rule and control the world when you started becoming an hater of peace then you have started to nurse the bad mind set. Most people lose their self conscience due to bad mind set most of the time when they are normal they regret but the bad mind set erase the emotions and make them more evil. Bad mind set most not be nutured to grow but most be killed. The most painful part is that the society that suppose to look after this and try and eradicate it is the one encouraging it due to the fact that our leaders that are supposed to lead by example are the one supporting the people with bad mind set. We need to fight this if not bad mind set will make the world unstable while evil things will become the other of the day

How to control bad mind set

Be a lover of peace:- when you are a lover of peace you will not support bad idea and bad things, you will be able to fight against anything contrary to peace thereby look at ways you can improve the society you live in.

Understanding every situation:- most people lack this ability and this is one leads most people to accept bad mind set. The ability for you to understand every situation will tell you that there is always a way out for bad and worse situations. Life is not a bed of roses so we need to sound this out in other to let people understand that no matter any condition you are in never encourage bad mind set. Always have good maind set and this will encourage you to overcome the situation.

Think before taking:- this is another way of countering bad mind set. Always learn to think before taking a step on any thoughts you have in your mind whether good or bad. This will enable you to see the clear picture of what you wanna do and what you have in mind to do. Put the thought on pictures, and you will be able to see the result

Filtering advices:- learn to filter advices you here from people before taking them into your mind. Try and weigh the advice before you take a step on them. We all know that a saying goes that 'not all advice we say yes to and not all advice we say no to' so this saying is simply tell you that not all advice you take into your mind and appile to your life some are ment to give you good direction while some are ment to pull you down.

Do things that make you happy:- a happy mind is a healthy mind. We need to know that bad mind set weakens the body and make you falls sick everytime but good mind set make you strong and healthy. Learn to do this that make you happy whenever you are in a bad situation that wanna, make you to have a bad mind set. Have fun with friends and do things that make you happy, this can change your impressions about things.

Avoid pressure situations:- not all pressure situations we can avoid but they are still some you can avoid. Try and avoid the one avoidable. Family, peer and relatives pressure can be avoided if they are pushing you to have bad mind set. Try and say no by avoiding them

Stand your ground:- most situation around you need you not to avoid them but stand your ground and say no. Bad mind set has no power over you so you have the ability to resist it and stand your ground, by doing so you will be able to change your mind set from bad to good.

Bad mind set kills you little by little try your best to avoid it.

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