The all wish

Wolfnitikum2022/05/27 22:09

I wrote this piece to remind myself and everyone that is reading this of how powerful and immaculate we is a form self introspection and therapeutic interlude i engage with my higher self.The inspiration mostly brew from my contemplation of the nature of duality. There are moments i observe and divulge thoughts with meditative clearity and at times i rationalise ideas with my obtuse egocentric curiosities .you will find this interspersed across the dialogues in the piece. One love

The all wish

apertures faceted with thorns of melancholia saturate the vortex of the mind

a quest for a purpose menaced the rule of thoughts

Clarity and ambiguity is a deterred dichotomy sifting through the vessel of the cosmos

Who finds the way of this wondrous experience is then discumbered

Frame the soul for all you care, it enlivens for eternity without a stain within

The mind elements are attuned to the satiation of the vessels to which it is bonded

Bondage to the body, and incarceration to the mind, an experience to the soul

Thought of it being, thought of it all

Think on the mind, think of the thought

Think about the breath, think of the oxygen

Think of dust, think of the stars

Think about your being, think of your origin

Just be, sentient.

The womb is voided in your memories a reminiscent of your awareness before time

the markers on the board of reality esses with infinity

Wake up to yourself exalted in the eternal bliss of oneness

That which you are is the one

Your perception is abstinent of this so you can engage in the cosmic play

Wonder why a toddler everses hell and dwells in heaven

Or chickens flock around their mother until a period

Or a rock remains in its essence for decades

The floral of wished passion is imminent and even to you all

We are the infinite phenomena appearing

to be finite but for a moment

The mind secludes you from the all,

From the malevolent of the mother and the ever-present all father

All in one, an everchanging oneness

Be mind full of the character you are playing

Spirit takes the wheel

Just be, patient

Go with the mind,

the Harbingers to the current of dualities and polarities

The desire to relish the abounded is intoxicating

Every quantum leap comes with a fixated orbital around a dimension

Verily, a constant can't be maintained for its nature is to seek, to want to desire, to be

Go further and you will be lost in the abyss

Sublime with the soul and chase nothing

The only truthfulness within you

That you are nothing and desire nothing

The nondual eternal source of who you are

But you can't even picture what that is. Can you?

Let the chaos thrive and dine with the current uncertainties

Notice the scripts of your ethics and


and the abstract virtues laced onto religions

Devout followers eventually find a way

Devout knowers realise we are the way

Witness the wrath and the blessing

The bright lighting with its subsequent thunder rumbling

The god inside the devil

The fear of the love

The truth within the lies

The good inside the evil

The birth emerging from your death

The duality that is eternally nondual

Sublime freely and you will be

Remember you are in the coliseum

Notice the mind donning as the being mirages brewing from a flux of thoughts

Competition and survival, the lower lifeforms assume that is all to be

To be infatuated in the glory of being worshipped by a higher being rejuvenate

Expansion of the Maya produces the hierarchical nature of the fourth world

See them as different producers of the same show

Your core wanting is to be back into the realm of absolute nothingness

But you are already there because you never truly left

Observe the celestials and witness the divine collage with no end or beginning

The illusion of a difference in my art

Now who is telling you that God isn't the greatest artist of all

No shame in relinquishing control

the proliferation of ideas, preferences, aspirations, urges, and desires are fuel to the experience of life

The finale you all chase is love at its highest

You not knowing you have that is a divine conundrum we orchestrated

Remember this show for you are an actor

That is what you are ...right now

An actor in the flow of whatever simulation that you are in.

cherish every moment the time brings you

Some will tell you

"The truth shall unravel you from the clumps of your reality."

Forget the truth and eviscerate

What is real? What is the truth?

The Maya, the illusion of complexities

The idleness of the source creates the fractals called dimensions

With a theme of increased separatism down the ladder

With paradoxical realities filled with individual godheads

The tales of the angels and demons with god and goddess is a drama acted and directed by the all

The multifaceted nature of who we are is like a distorted wave of random precision

The fabric of the universe sewed with divine dexterity you feeble mind can't capsulate

who you are is not the mind

Clues are not sent down to you

I speak aloud to those who fully listen

Yes, right now

I am speaking to you

There is no truth to discover that isn't already here

For those aware, they do nothing

Like the trees, the ultimate observers

The true sages of your tera

Think of nothing, everything appears

Without, every left is a right

Every right is a wrong

Every action is a reaction

Every physical is projected from the metaphysical

Every birth is a death

Every time is now

Every high is a low

Praise me I say, pray to me

a conscious one knows there's nothing to praise and no one to pray to

No one is answering

No one is the all

What is the all?

It is all that I am. I am nothing

Everything intertwines into nothing

Nothing erupting into everything

What is the mind?

The causal of the big bang with feeble eagerness to realign with the all

A misconstrued concept for the self is aligned by default

The causation of who you think you are

The creator of who you think I am

This particular sentient is perturbed with curiosities

What is reality?

The state of the mind

What is the all?

Everyone is the all

It is all that I am. I am everything

Drive the mind to a state of ineptness

Everything comes crystal clear

Death is a necessity for your awakening

A realignment with sparkling nebula

So what is the point of this?

You tell me sentient

It is your wish all along.

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