"CBIMD" (Come Back Into My Dream)

Rina Blue2022/05/27 08:44

In memory of my father who left this world too soon (1960-2018). Written on 01.02.2022.

"CBIMD" (Come Back Into My Dream)

Tonight in my dream I met my dad again.
I did not know what to do, he seemed unwell to me.
But when he smiled at me, I felt something like pain.
All he said to me was: "My child, you have to live".

I realized that this was just a dream,
And very soon I would wake up, tearful and sad.
Why are you so far away from me,
Even though you're standing next to my bed?

Come back into my dream,
I have too much to say.
Please come back to me,
The rain falls day by day.
I wish you were here,
I want those days back.
Come back into my sleep,
I have so much to ask.

If you could come back to us,
For me, this is the whole world.
Is pain not worth the price?
I smelled shaving foam,
As if it was real.
I am about to open my eyes
And drive away my fear,
I thought it was real…


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