My Pen

Barbie Lorita2022/05/26 22:35

This is a poem about the power of our pen, what it can do and the fruit it can yield

My Pen


My pen is a sword which melts it's word

So slinky and prinky

And imbibes in me to soar it's wisdom

In a yauld pouch, it exists to hunt

In search of knowledge

My pen

What a tweag to follow

A long walk to achieve

It's ink been clothes with greatness

In a way, harshens it's existence

My pen

The uniqueness of all

The belief -fullness of all

So wiery to grasp

And precious to be forgotten

My pen

A relief for the brain

The shadow of achievement

Which defeats the giant book

And sharpens it's content

Written by Nwobegu Lorita


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