Best Ways to Write a Research Recommendation in Dissertation

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Best Ways to Write a Research Recommendation in Dissertation

The process of writing a research paper is a challenging task. It takes enormous time to complete. At some stages, the author during their research paper may be stuck. Such circumstances lead to stress. It will not be wrong to state that writing a research paper is a lengthy and stressful task. There are different formats of a research paper. Some specific guidelines are essential to use while writing a research paper.

The author of a dissertation should ensure to produce high-quality content. The writer must be aware of the whole context and data used in the study. It will help in producing the best recommendations. The study, in this way, can explain the ways of coping with the challenges effectively.


The recommendation is one of the essential chapters in a dissertation. It is the final chapter of a dissertation. Intelligent recommendations leave a lasting impression of the research work on the reader. The author should add technicality and use attractive words. It will improve language expression and show sound knowledge of the subject matter.

If a writer produced an outstanding piece of research work in the whole dissertation. However, the recommendation chapter lacks knowledge and does not meet the soul of the study. Then the dissertation will not be a good piece of writing. The author can use a combined section for the conclusion and recommendations. The research may use different sections for the conclusion and recommendations.

Writing Best Quality Research Recommendation in Dissertation

The focus of this article remains on the techniques to write the best quality Research Recommendation in the dissertation. The recommendations chapter mainly contains the critical recommendation. The author needs to search and gather to enlist recommendations in this chapter. It is helpful for the reader to identify the need and importance of the research work. The recommendations must be according to the subject matter or topic. You can hire a UK dissertation writing service for this purpose.

The recommendation part should highlight the importance and significance of the study. It should also suggest improvements to the reader regarding the subject matter based on the conducted research. It also helps the reader learn about the research challenges and their solutions. The recommendation section teaches about the solutions. It also suggests actions that can be taken to solve the problems mentioned in the dissertation.

Specific and Concrete

While writing Research Recommendations, the author should avoid irrelevant and unnecessary details. The recommendations should be specific to the study and must be logical. The recommendation section must not include any new question, point or agenda. The recommendation section only includes the solution to the problems or hurdles. These solutions or hurdles are already part of previous chapters.

Link Research Recommendation to the Conclusion

The recommendations must have a logical connection with a conclusion. Moreover, the recommendations must have a link with the conclusion section. Irrelevant information may spoil the reputation of the whole dissertation. Therefore, the author must remain specific and concise.

Suggest how Solutions can be Effective in Solving Problem

The author in this section needs not only present solutions. The recommendation section guides the reader on how these solutions may help problem-solving.

Authentic and Logical Recommendations

The author should ensure that the suggestions and recommendations are valid and authentic. Otherwise, unsuitable recommendations can damage the dissertation’s repute. All the suggestions must be authentic and must have some logical background.

Reviewing Dissertation to Improve Recommendations

The author must ensure that the author read all the previous data to ensure that all the essential recommendation points are in this section.

SMART Format

The recommendation should be in one sentence. These sentences must start with action verbs, including coordinate, facilitate, fund, establish, and create. SMART stands for the following points:


The recommendations must be specific to the study. The recommendation is always provided to provide some solution or to bring development. The problem or challenge must be in other parts of the dissertation.


The recommendation mentioned in the dissertation should have some measurable indicators. In this way, the author will be able to measure or judge the level of development and judgement.


The recommendations must be attainable and may not include anything impossible to accomplish.


The proposed set of recommendations should be realistic. It does not have anything to do with fantasies.


The recommendations must have some time limit to achieve.

Filling Research Gaps

The recommendations must identify the gaps in the dissertation study. It is helpful to suggest using specific suggestions. In this way, the research can ensure the study’s objectivity, leading to an authentic and credible piece of research work.

Future of Research Recommendation

The author needs to be aware of the dissertation content. In this way, the author will be able to find research gaps, hurdles, challenges, and other issues mentioned in the study. Anyone can present a better solution to a known problem. A recommendation is the set of solutions to the problems identified in the study. Therefore, these problems must be part of the dissertation. Moreover, the author must be aware of the problem and its context. The author can suggest the most suitable, authentic, and reliable recommendations to improve and develop.

The author in the recommendation section may mention the steps and procedures that may be useful to adopt for further research on the given subject matter. The author must also suggest how further studies can be an influential study on the given subject matter or the dissertation topic.


The conclusion and recommendation paper are an essential part of the dissertation. These chapters can explain in separate headings. These are the last and finalizing chapters of any research dissertation. The research recommendation helps the reader learn about the suggestions and recommendations on the subject matter. It also explains how to achieve further improvement and the ideal situation.

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