"Red Lights, Hot Spot & Plastic Paradise"

Rina Blue2022/05/26 17:14

I'm sure anyone who's been in a toxic relationship at least once knows how good it feels when you finally get rid of it! P.S.: in fact, the title came to my mind spontaneously and, at first glance, contains just a silly set of words. But they all mean something special to me. Written on 19.03.2022.

"Red Lights, Hot Spot & Plastic Paradise"

Brought me back to death
But I'm feeling alive enough.
Don't tell me you care,
Don't tryna change my life.
You're driving your car fast
With face made of clay.
I know I'm not the last,
You keep playing your game.

Red lights of night city
Are waiting for me now.
And it's looks so pretty
But I can't stop wondering "why?"
I needed this "paradise"
To feel like an angel.
Everything has its price,
They always warned me of "danger".

Your "plastic paradise"...
You gave it to me...
Didn't last more than ten minutes.
I saw it in your eyes,
Disgusting to me.
So... you've reached your limits.

Don't be sad, little bitchy boy,
One day you'll find another fool.
Maybe she could be your new toy,
And you would sing your shit 'bout the moon,

My God is lost among these lines,
And I got into a hot spot.
I was such a fool, believed your lies,
Now Innocence is what I'm not.
You trampled on my pride
And used my naivety,
You were never by my side
But finally, I found my Liberty.


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