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School and college-both these words are very important as they shape our lives, career. Our future depends on these two. But both of these two have its own functionalities, specialities rather we can say uniqueness. Both have differences. so the differences are:

In school we start going from our childhood, when we are kid i.e. we know nothing about anything. But when we come to college, we are somewhat matured and know very much when compared to school life.

the timings for school and college are very much different. we have to wake up early for going to school but for college we can wake a little late or more depending on our will to attend the lecture or not. Attendance is taken once in school and we are not allowed to leave the school campus until the school is off. But in college, we can come and go anytime, anywhere in college campus. Even attending any lecture or not depends on us and attendance is done separately for each lecture.

When coming to differences between the studies in both, in school we are treated like kids. our study schedule, routines are decided by our parents or sometimes teachers but in college we decide when to study like late night or early morning. our teacher make us prepare for everything needed for exams. Even they are bothered much for our studies and they push us and run behind us for studies but in college a professor may bother one or two time, after that they are not interested. They only care about their syllabus. we can say that in school we are served with plate full of food items, we only have to eat but in college we ourself have to take plate and serve food i.e. self study is most important here.

It is said that in school a teacher is teaching, but in college it is said that a Professor is giving lecture.

This difference between teaching and giving lecture is that in school we only have to remember what teacher has taught for exams but giving lecture means discussing a topic. A professor only discusses the related topic and you yourself have to search more and study and prepare that topic for exams.

In school a kid is taught to be grown up and mature, in college it is taught how to actually be grown up and mature and is prepared for future.

Most importantly, there is a big difference in the relationship between seniors and juniors in school and college.

In schools, seniors are not much important to us and we do not give them so much respect. Many a times we become friends and behave also like that but in college there is a limit between seniors and juniors. we cannot be so much frank with them. They are helping, loving and caring, inspite of these we have to maintain a boundary between us. We have to give them respect and they also want it from you. (But all of these rules and giving respect helps us in future, actually we get prepared for our professional career as in our profession we have to give respect to our seniors, so these are not bad also).

So, these were the major differences but it can be said that each of school and college life has its own charm and everyone remembers these two phases as the golden moments spent in their whole life.


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