River of tenderness

Peace ✌️ Author2022/05/23 16:14
River of tenderness

Ladies and gentlemen good news:

A lady from Massachusetts

Created kingdom of happiness

Where a special river flows

A river for those who reflects

As they see it's kindness

As they Hunt it's pearls;

Well decorated ones

With wise words

As they wash their souls

They found out that

The water they touched

Is antidote of their faintness

A handful of drops

Of that water

Filtered their sight

Their eyes now

have more light

They are able to see

The beauty of small things

In this universe

Their tongues are

Reciting this new hymn:

You lady of Massachusetts

You are and always will be

The river of tenderness

For those Of fairness

For those of faithfulness

For those of faith


What is it!

It is the sense of life

With faith we stand firm

In front of the Storm

Without resentment

with faith we express

Our positive impressions

We say: we are grateful

When we earn achievement

A quick note:

this poem is dedicated to the soul that

has created this website:


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