Greedy Eagle 🦅

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Greedy Eagle 🦅


My name is Greedy, this is a lesson I have learnt: I was sitting near the sea and the waves were dancing as usual.

what a beauty!

As I was enjoying the view; my worries were being diminished.

I liked the way an eagle was flying.

What is more, I saw an attractive golden coin in it's beak. I asked myself:

wow! from where did the eagle got it

How can a bird gain gold and he is not a human!

Greed is a human trait

After a while, I saw a large fish rose above the water, with a yellow light Which was shinning in it's mouth, I stood back, fearing that it would hurt me, and all of a sudden, it returned inside the sea, laughing while looking at me.

I thought it has gone forever, but it appeared and approached to me.

After a short smile, it threw out of its mouth an elegant

golden coin, I grabbed it with both hands and flew

joyfully telling myself:

"how generous is this exotic fish!"

I asked the fish:

"Why did you dedicate me that golden piece you

elegant fish!!"

It replied:

"Because you're a spontaneous lady, and you're kind,

you didn't hurt me all the time, and I'm next to you,

I watched you cleaning the shore, carrying the garbage

to the trash bin, preserving the environment not like

some humans".

I rejoiced in it's praise and left the place with gratitude and

great thanks to the wonderful fish.

As I stepped out with my right feet, it called on me

again advising me:

"remember that being elegant is a cause of happiness and

being reckless is a cause of unhappiness."

«How lucky I am!» I replied.

Then it added:

«listen take this other advise which is better than the golden coin you have gotten:

"if you're greedy you may loose what you have".

"Got it, special thanks to you cute fish, you made

me happy".

while I was on my way to home, I felt I am the

happiest girl in the world.

I promised myself to focus on hygiene and cleanliness

for having such a unique award from that generous fish.

I could not keep my joy in front of my family, so they

advised me to return to the sea the next day to try to

bring more jewelry, and they induced me to ask

the fish for more.

The next morning I returned to sea carrying a fishing

rod to hunt the fish to benefit from all the gold it has.

I managed to hunt it without begging it, without taking

in consideration what my family told me as well.

The cute died in my hands; I lost what I had before I got

home as well. On my way a greedy eagle grabbed my

basket before flying away.

I tried to run behind the greedy eagle, but it's wings were

flapping high in the sky.

It is true that I lost everything because of my being greedy

too, but the good news is neither me nor the eagle

succeeded at the end; me I lost because of a bird, and

the rifle of a hunter brought the bird down.

Many years now have passed since the incident occurred,

and I am still carrying the golden advice of the unique fish:


"if you're greedy you may loose what you have"

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