Climate Change - A Brief Perspective Writing

Lia Nevaldi2022/05/22 18:42

This article gives a brief overview of our society in relation to climate today.

Climate change is one of the most prominent problems that our generation faces. It not only has the power to eradicate precious species and end the lives of flourishing flora that has existed for thousands of years but it can also cause terrible economic damages of great magnitude across the globe. Countries that are used to dry, hot weather patterns will suddenly start flooding and hurricanes will reign day and night. The cold chilling temperatures of the north will plummet and with it, the delicate lives of those that live there.
Studies have proven that ice caps are melting at a rate never seen before. It has now become the norm for icebergs, the size of new York, to melt and break away every single day because the skyrocketing temperatures don't permit their existence. What's even worse - humans, from the owners of multinational corporations to regular truck drivers know of this problem and wouldn't even bat an eyelash. The owners of multinational corporations continue to pour harmful, greenhouse trapping gases into our atmosphere for their economic benefit alone. So that they can continue to live in lavish houses and drive the craziest cars because that is more important that the other 7 billion lives. The truck drivers continue to litter and use plastic because they don't cause the bulk of the problem so why should they care? Everyone can continue to live their lives disregarding the fact that they kill animals and humans on a daily basis or address the issue and find solutions, make commitments and reduce their carbon footprint which contributes to the killing of mother earth. Everday, our colourful planet dims as she looses her trees and the blue ocean waters become more polluted. Everyday, her joyous songs of life lessens as species die and even more become endangered. This is the impact of simply throwing a candy wrapper onto the ground. This is the impact of bombarding the earth with greenhouse gases from car exhaust, the making of a burger and the chopping down of trees for unnecessary land. This is the impact of climate change.
So why submit to a dying earth? Instead let's change our ways. Lets start recycling and eliminating plastic. Let's start practising proper disposal of our waste. Let's plant more trees. Together we can do this. We can show the polar bears and koalas that we care. Together, we can give our species a chance. We can give our children the greatest inheritance ever - a clean, healthy earth.

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