Mary Huxley poetry2022/05/21 10:31

Yes it was sweet,

How it slide in after many trials and enticements,

He kept telling me,

"Relax babe, it won't hurt"

"imma go in slowly"

"you know I love you"

I gave in to his words,

Luring words,

I had no time to think,

There goes the creation of my mistake,

Yes my lifetime mistake.

Quite a mistake she was born,

Not a rose but unwanted thorn,

Looking at her, anger gripped me,

Pain and grits,

I really wanted to take her life but I remember,

It was a result of my doing.

She was born to an abandoned mother,

And to an irresponsible father,

It felt like a curse,

There was no light,

Just darkness all through.

Two seconds sweetness,

Turned into a lifetime regret,

Looking at her paralysed my emotions,

Should I kill her or kill myself?

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