AjiriPens2022/05/20 03:36

Morning, a kind of fresh start reforming what seized to exist, peace. As for me I'll say my morning my peace.


Maybe it would be a fantastic day after all,

With the fresh morning dew driving past every corner.

Crazy birds singing, each tiny peak and it's melody,

Making the morning crowd with different sounds.

Peace settles around my face, deciding my whole day.

Hope as solid as sound bravery.

Worries vanishes like it never existed,

Inhales like it was my very first,

I guess it's just a feeling that feels new each time.

Counting my blessings like I never had problems,

Worrying too much could jeopardize my whole morning.

And I'm not ready to risk it.

Each time I pray my morning never ends,

Seizing every night to take place,

Each day I would wish.

Oh morning of peace come take my sorrows away.

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