Felicity in Love

Poet Treasure2022/05/17 18:27

Felicity of love is a poem that talks about love in its totality... The poet persona uses strong figurative terms to till the stanzas... The poet persona makes us know that love should not be created by lust but should come naturally and independently... Many information are well strengthened in the poem, all you have to do is calm amd read then feel the felicity in love than ever 💙🤞

Felicity in Love

Felicity In Love

When men sight
from behind dim light,
And ants work
from their insights,
Leaving in mind-
great missile,
Tremendously, i wait
to see, calmed, the fire
at the end of the tunnel.

Bees of lust,
Dearly walk upon.
Once a victim
Of their stings.
Live awake to
Witness odious myths.
One is drowned in remorse.
Here and there, boldly no mucus
Who has but fictitious suitors?

Stinger of love,
Hath him a bystander.
Days of savory fun,
Inarguably, Having in numbers.
Boredom strolls in,
At thy presence,
it stays forever unpined.
Plough my intensity,
Open the door of fidelity,
And bring to her, my crucial necessity

When the water
Of friendship dries.
Sighting from miles,
The lifeless lives,
After swimming in suicidal times.
For my remedies,
Thou art scared away my mortal files
Who am I, to allege vast rights?
Spare me to live to thy both time

Memories of ecstasy,
Under the influence of the trees' melody
Enhancing in us, amiable remedies.
Without enmity,
Life portrays vast entities.
One for one,
Rise and fall,
Together we stay to moan
Waw, How great is such?

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