Music Of Agony (Learn to speak out before it's too late)

Poet Treasure2022/05/16 22:21

The write up is all about life and man....How man has decided to stay muted under the influence of pains. The piece advises one to learn to speak out. Read and learn πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’™

Music Of Agony (Learn to speak out before it's too late)

Have we thought of how painful it is to be enslaved under the management of agonies and sufferings?
Have we ever imagined the state of sorrow one would be after loosing almost every crucial aspect of life?
Have we ever made a promise to someone that has done great things in our lives then wake up the next day, all we could hear is the person is dead?
Have we ever tried to control a situation, only to find out that the situation turns out to be the chain of command to our lives?

Many people are out there breathing out their last breathe and hoping that one day they will find the helper of their berths.
Sometimes when i sit and imagine the way people suffer, I wonder if the journey of life requires the laying of lives?
But I have not found any answer to such.
Pains are now becoming new normal to humans that we do not feel the essence of the occurence which might poke out the solutions, instead we live to bear the pains while we die silently.
But why?
Humans should please learn to speak out to the masses.
Although, we have a quote "do not share all problems to people because amongst we have enemies that are happy to hear your downfall" but will it be good to loose all the crucial things of the world?
It will not be a good ideal at its peak
I plead with humans to learn to speak out when they are in pains
And we that are opportuned should learn to give, for the ones that give tend to receive more from God

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