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The poem is talking about the memories of the old days or the past where everything seems to be tranquil at its peak. People smile even after being hit or after facing comflict footings without any slam of war. The poem talks about union and smile at the reach of peace in stanza 2. Although we might by some chances face war but it has not stopped us from progressing in harmony. At the end the poet persona makes use of a suggestion and a wish–He wishes to find the old days where harmony lives in Tranquility. Read and enjoy more of having tranquility 💙


I sight from my distance
the sensation of an instance.
Covering the layers of pasts,
Dancing around all paid parts.
Dearly, I yearn to lay my stays.

A land soiled with
pictures of teeth,
Remedies that flee,
Harmony that hits,
And union that sings.

With magnitude
right from my heart,
Will I present gratitude.
After glimpsing thy height
with lusty vitality of might.

Aroma of peace
brings in slams,
With great stands
overwhelmed with
unbreakable heart.

The aura of harmony,
Chases not the presence of anarchy.
But its long-lasting utilization,
Maketh way for tremendous relaxation.

A place of Joy,
Where water waters wars
with devoid of getting one hurt.
Atmosphere of tranquility,
Injects in one incredible agility.
With stable mind,
I hope at last to find.



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