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The poem is all about the soldiers of each nation of the world and how they have been risking their lives in securing the lives of the masses. The poem also portrays to us that the territory the soldiers use for war are not met for people without inner strength or dexterity. The poem also satircally views the ills and solutions on wars of the world. Many points are also included in the poem just read and enjoy then you will see the essence of peace in our world.πŸ’™



Gorillas stepping fields,

Not even meant for filthy feasts.

Apparitions' yearning tools

tend to get no magnitude.

Thus, we are not to show up impure hoods

Warfare wears weird wears,

Dreams get to their awful ends,

Might get dined in its sentiments

Classifying its leverage less defense.

Then where are the firm independents?

We claim robust ability,

Standing up for the lusty utility,

Yet, weigh down by little tranquility.

Then what strives to ensure our responsibilities

Here and there, we all swim in hazardous impurities.

Likewise, the best we promise,

No more butterflies,

Not even in our tommies.

Odious records right in our files,

Now we look up to the great Muffy.

At the sight of wars,

We set in eyes,

Great victory warmth.

Attaining fewer defeats,

We say with our portrayed heart,

Progress on, we wish,

Great farewell,

from our great intense.


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