Failures of society

Masibanda2022/05/15 04:05

Post modernist say that society is ever changing, this is proven by the beauty standards of society. Elva 1959 was a model that was recognized as the woman with the perfect body, she was fkinny, no hips, no big breast or a large butt. Now girls have to go out of their way to get a Kim K body. Now young girls grow up feeling like if they don't have wide hips and a huge butt then they are not beautiful enough so some are pressured into taking enlargement pills or injections... even plastic surgeries. One solution, eradicate the beauty standard of society. Talk of relationships, it's hard to find people that are dating without committing sex, they believe that sex makes relationships stronger. Long ago In oder to advertise a car, all you needed was a good car, good camera man and a few edits but now, in order to advertise you car, there has to be a naked women. Society i want to ask what shall we do? Long back, virginity was important and it still is but when young girls mention that they are still virgins they are called 'lame'. Nowadays if your body count is less than 1 then you become 'boring'. Ladies and gents, allow me to lead you to a question that most of you avoid, why do girls get raped? Anyone who wants to say because they dress half naked is wrong. Wearing a short skirt does not triggure a man to rape any girl. It's your mindset. Don't embarrass your parents like this... They raised you well. Society I ask again, what shall we do. How can I forget, nowadays people say its a flex to please men, people say removing clothes to please a man is a flex. Baby I'm here to correct you, the real fly if being able to please him with your clothes on. You can go for dinner with your date, eat, talk, pay and go back to your diffent houses without participating in sexual activities. Yes guys it's there. You can both be happy without taking clothes off. Yes guys. If you had different thought then I'm correcting you. Don't be offended by my way of correcting you.. Correction is not rejection but direction to utter perfection. Ok let me bring this closer to home, marriage. Nowadays marriage is an achievement. Yes it is because if it wasn't then it wouldn't require a certificate but my point is don't rush for it. Right, all I'm saying is that there are women out there that get married at 30 and it's still fine. There's no rush, you got time it's never too late especially if you are from Africa because there's no hurry in Africa, but some people are judged for late marriages, society fails to understand that women have a greater economic endipendance and they want to focus on their carrier and that's ok don't give anyone pressure. They do not need pressure. Society what shall we do, Todini, Senzeni?

We are the society, we are 1. Together we stand, divided we fall.


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