New Demon Awaken

Joseph M. Kings2022/05/14 15:35
New Demon Awaken

Days never same,

It gat wins & losses,

Like a garden of roses,

If not watered no seeds,

No life insurance In every sunrise,

Peace becomes tasteless,

Ignorance makes you senseless,

or rather useless than dangerous,

When voices in your head crushes,

The truth treasured attain rushes,

Indeed life is another human felo,

That gives and takes another hero,

That's why I don't take it seriously,

I lack courage to dare and face the bear,

To win the real dear of ages to appear,

The feelings dispatched intentionally,

Hurts most people emotionally,

and controls them physically,

Like when their hearts get broken, Intentionally to fly internationally,

To present their nations annually,

In every morning,

Music takes away their anger,

They no more feed their hunger,

Phone books become their comforter,

When words pressure their painter,

To turn white pages black to dark

Until no space left blank to mark,

Neither a complement nor a comment,

Of a Lyrically gifted & blessed saint,

Paid in silvers to awake a new demon.


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