Dinero Financial - The Greatest Financial Solutions on Binance Smart Chain

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Dinero Financial - The Greatest Financial Solutions on Binance Smart Chain

Dinero Financial - The Greatest Financial Solutions on Binance Smart Chain


Decentralized finance, commonly known as DeFi, has been one of the most impactful and successful waves of blockchain-based innovation. Fueled by their inherent advantages of permissionless composability and open-source development culture, DeFi protocols are constantly advancing and iterating upon proven models of financial-based agreements. The DeFi ecosystem moves at a lightning pace — over the past few months, a rising movement of liquidity-focused DeFi projects has brought forth a new wave of DeFi innovation.

In short: DeFi is massive and expanding by the day. Its expansion over the last few years has seen the advent of new technologies and better ways of managing finances: new ways of financing projects, borrowing, lending, betting, investing; the possibilities are endless. The rapid growth of DeFi has, however, highlighted some innate problems in the industry. Investors across the globe are chasing low-risk-high-yield returns in a booming wave within the technology sector of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and noting that cryptocurrency, in general, is opening up new possibilities across the whole financial industry.

By far DeFi is showing favor to becoming the easiest and agreed-upon way to make your money work for you in an environment where cryptocurrency holders can lock or stake their tokens and receive high-interest rates that most thoughts were unachievable.

Play-to-earn tossed around a lot lately. Play-to-earn is exactly what it sounds like — a business model where users get to play a game and earn cryptocurrency while doing it. It’s a very powerful psychological model because it combines two activities that have been driving mankind since the dawn of time — making money and entertainment.

The developers of Dinero Financial have introduced the platform, a DeFi 2.0 protocol that provides decentralized financial products with Play-to-Earn that rewards users with a sustainable fixed interest model through the use

What is Dinero Financial?

Dinero is a financial ecosystem ultra burn & auto liquidity protocol developed to generate high and stable income by staking that delivers effective and fixed APY, or just playing fun P2E games and writing delightful topics.

Features of Dinero Financial

Dinero focuses on giving real value and benefits to its users. It also uses a set of mechanisms to support $DINEROs ever-increasing value and continuously rising price floor.

Play-to-Earn Online Mini-Games - DINERO PLAY is a Play-to-Earn mini-games, available directly on the website. Users can earn $DINERO tokens to their wallets thanks to ads in the games. Just play it in your free time to receive some extra cash. As simple as that. you earn $DINERO tokens directly to your wallet, simply by watching in-game ads while you enjoy any of the various mini-games available. The more you play - the more you earn!

Staking - Staking allows users to earn benefits for locking their funds into the staking pool. Dinero offers rewards in several cryptocurrencies and free withdrawals at any time. This is a great way to generate passive income, increase earn-efficiency and take your investments to the next level. Dinero offers you an APY of 382,274.28% in several staking pools.

An Educational Journal - Dinero Journal is an informative and useful online edition designed to help users learn more about cryptocurrencies and the world of digital assets. DINERO Journal is here to help and guide you. It is an educative, practical, and entirely objective source of valuable information, which aims to help as many people as possible understand and make money in crypto. If you have expertise or experience in anything that has with crypto to do - you have an excellent opportunity to earn money for it! All you have to do is submit for publishing your self-written, crypto-related article. If it gets approved - you are going to be paid for it.

ULTRA Burn - Burning is implemented to $DINERO protocol to ensure that its value is ever-increasing and therefore create additional incentives for traders and holders. 5% of the collected fees are

burned. This is by being automatically sent to a separate “burn” wallet from where they are manually sent to the dead wallet. Dead wallet, also known as a black hole or an adress eater, is an invalid and inaccessible wallet. When sending tokens to this wallet, they can never be recovered.

Auto-Liquidity - Each transaction of $DINERO is taxed with a 1% auto-liquidity fee. The collected tax gets added back to the liquidity pool. This mechanism contributes to continuously increasing $DINERO price floor. In other words, it helps to prevent an extreme price drop.

Treasury - Each transaction involving $DINERO automatically adds 3% to the Treasury. Treasury plays an essential role in providing Dinero's growth and sustainability. The Treasury also funds our marketing campaigns, community activities, investments as well as the R&D of future products. This extra assistance could be useful if the price of the token falls dramatically. 3% of the trading fees go directly to the treasury, supporting the project's long-term development. A part of the treasury reserve is used as a buy-back fund. The goal of the buy-back is to support $DINERO’s long-term price stability and value growth by lowering its supply.

Anti Whale - One of the security features of DINERO is an Anti-Whale mechanism. It means that more than 1% of the total supply can not be bought, sold, or transferred. Anti-whale feature guarantees that a big investor, aka a whale, can not manipulate $DINERO’s price and protects against pump and dump schemes.


$DINERO is the native token for which interest and rewards are paid. $DINERO is a Bep20 token with a specific supply that rewards its stakers with the Highest Paying Staking Interest of 382,274.28%


Token Name - DINERO

Token Ticker - $DINERO

Network- BEP-20

Total Supply - 400 million $DINERO

Token Type - Utility

Token Distribution is as follows

Strategic development, other exchanges listings / locked in 2 months: 88.000.000 (22%)

Team tokens / linear vesting in 4 months: 32.000.000 (8%)

Staking rewards / locked permanently: 80.000.000 (20%)

Public token sale: 120.000.000 (30%)

PancakeSwap liquidity / locked in 10 years: 80.000.000 (20%)

How to buy on Fair Launch on PinkSale?

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Dinero Financial is a Defi protocol that is set to outpace bitcoin by paying regular interest to all Dinero token holders of up to 382,274.28% each and every year with a 100% guarantee of execution. There aren’t many guarantees in this world especially when it comes to financing but with Dinero it actually is. What makes Dinero different is its elegant design of architecture where it integrates the trending Play to Earn concept with the highest paying Defi protocol

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