The man in me

Goldiink2022/05/14 00:14

A poem out of inspiration to finding the man I am.

The Man I Am

i've gone through the ages

Read all through Shakespeare's pages

I've touched the scar on Achilles Heels

Made strange marks on every island trees...

I've seen the battle, the slain and the braves

Watched spartar sail with boat full of slaves

I've seen the wrath of Thor sprouting amidst the air

And furnace of fury fire demons strolling by....

I've eaten of the sting of kratos anger

The strength of black panther saving the add of errands

I've read the great stories of fame and glory

Of Hitler's, Eiffel Gustavus and iscaruis Story....

I've heard of boy King's and sane priests

Of Hercules - a God-man with mighty fists

I've heard of Jason - Son of persiadion and Tony Stark's armor

I've heard of the ruin of Troy and Indian's glamour....

I've known a thousand witches - a mistress called Morgana

And of candy stories - a princess called Moana

I've read the myths and legends written in Pompeii

The fallen King's, different start yet ends the same...

I've heard of coward whose fears were worth while

And farmers who turned legends after an exile

I've heard of Ragnar - the Vikings sailing ship

And Blue lagoon - of Richard swimming deep....

I've heard of three bald witches who shared an eye

And aratas - a legend that has refused to die

I've heard about the ancient vicious men of power

And a glass of sand which lied to us in hour..

Now you know the man that I am.

Goldiin Kelvins

Just a poet ©

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