The promises he made

Christina Tina2022/05/13 22:41

This is a loss and love poem The poem begins and ends in the usual formal way, however the poem informs as about a someone who made many promises to his lover in line (1-5). Now the lover is left with pain and regrets regarding the promises he made to her in line (6-9) The writter lists the time of the day he left his lover and how he disappeared and the regrets the lover is feeling in line (10-15).The poet uses the formal language of official notification in listing several nonsensical condition for tenancy, however the writter informs us that even though the love is left alone but she doesn't lose hope that he will return home and meet the promises he made to her in line (16-17)

He promised the world would never end, he promised to be with me, he promised in thick and thin. he will be with me, he promised to never leave

He left in the shadow of the dark night, he left in the dark with chink of light, he was taken by the night, as he left with the promises, he vanished in thin air, he buried the trust in me, he then vanished in thin air, and never returned home

One day he will return home, one day he will meet his promises, one day the sun will shine over my head, as he promised, in thick and thin he will return home to me


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