A part of living an awful life.

sushirence2022/05/13 16:59

Life is full of trials and most unfortunate people said "why I was born in a fortunate life?".

Problems are one of the factors of living a depressing life. A depressing life that even purchasing items in a grocery thinks you twice if you will shop them or not. A depressing life where your classmates can eat the food you've been dreaming to eat. And a depressing life were grabbing opportunities is a hindrance to being poor.

"Do we deserve this" is a question we once asked to ourselves? Did you ever ask yourself how deserving are you to suffer life problems than others? Are you that terrible for experiencing it all? Yes, those questions come from the broken soul. A broken soul that wanted to skip from the darkness. A broken soul that wanted to taste a peaceful life.

Living a life having no access to anything in the world is a misfortune. An unfair life that brings no contentment and satisfaction. An unfair life that pushes you to dream and strive. And, an unfair life that leaves you no choice but to keep going.

But, do I have the chance to see the beauty of living?


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