Jayd2022/05/13 11:17

I'm so amazed at the sea

The colours, the movement, just everything

Just wow, look at what the lord has created

Of course there's so much but this somehow always opens my eyes to realize how much God has created and every single little detail is so mesmerising.

I look at my hips, my thighs, my arms, my belly and woah there's the waves

These stretch marks, these "flaws" resemble the waves of the ocean which are so mesmerising

God has created me in this image to have these mesmerising things about myself

And after looking at my stretch marks I look to my face

Weird nose I have but it suits me, it makes me look like me

God created me a masterpiece just like the ocean, my emotions can be as calm as the sea but also a storm with high tides and roaring winds

There are times the sea causes destruction or damage just like me as a human we all cause harm in some way and somehow it's kind of inevitable

"Don't forget to love yourself"

Been looking at these 5 words for 5 years

From today onwards I will love myself and be amazed with myself just like I am with the gorgeous ocean for I am a masterpiece

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