The Message

Rasim Chigozi-RC Poetry2022/05/13 00:40
The Message

She observed the movements

And tried avoiding some things.

She tried running very fast

But they were more faster,

She tried fighting them off,

But they were more stronger,

She tried hitting and kicking,

But all to no avail.

She watched herself helplessly

As she was torn apart,

She cried helplessly as her

Cloths was torn,

She wept thoroughly as

She saw herself defied,

She even fainted in the

Process of her being defiled.

She tried walking home,

But found it difficult to do.

She kept crying as she saw

Herself roughly stained with blood.

She could not even walk,

So she tried crawling home.

She later met a good Samaritan

Who took her to the hospital.

She didn't even have a dime to

Pay for the hospital bills.

She was assisted by this same

Good Samaritan on the bill payment.

She was then examined by

The medical personnel.

She came to realise when the results

Were out that she has been infected.

She cried and wept even after the

Assurances from the Doctor.

She couldn't even bear the pain and

Disgrace after she's been discharged.

She was avoided and ridiculed

By her friends and colleagues

She was left with no choice than meeting

A new friend called 'DEPRESSION'

She was advised by her new

Friend to commit suicide

She did, and her existence

Came to an end!

She messaged me to tell you'll to please;


© RC Poetry

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