AjiriPens2022/05/12 20:01

A piece of writing about the person I admire and love so much, and I'll really love for her to know how I feel...

Her smiles as perfect as the morning sun,

Her eyes as clear as the skies,

Her hair as soft as feather's

Her breath as cool as the evening breeze.

Her touch is out of the world,

Her beauty can never be comprehened by mere words,

Her skin glitters like silver.

Oh, how I love the curl's of her hair, the charms of her lips got me thinking.

Each time we touch, my heart talk twice as fast,

It begins to jump for joy each time you get close.

Oh, that peace each time I wish you were in my arms.

Oh, that everlasting thoughts, of her love and how it ravished my heart.

Mere thoughts of her is like a new day born.

The peace I get when I dream of her, and the warmth of her love, takes my heart away.

Each time I get close to her, I hear her heart speaks to mine,

Her speech each time she speaks is breath taking.

Oh, that peace in her voice.

Her love controls my whim,

That peace I feel when she makes my heart fall to the depth of my chest.

When her silverish tears run through her shy cheeks,

And when it hits the earth it trembles in acceptance of it.

Oh, that sweet fragrance that captured all the men's heart, has captured mine.


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