The Thoughts I think

The Dreamer2022/05/11 11:12
The Thoughts I think

Dream, Dream, Dream

For a moment I came out of my Dream.

I Think I wasted my 17 years.

And it’s a fact I can’t listen by both my ears.

Friends, Friends, Friends

I see I have a lot of them

But I am useful to none of them.

Some say I have a bestie

She is like my Christie.

She was once a true friend forever

But now She is not interested whatsoever.

Some say I have a brother

He is like an awesome Weather

We think we will be single forever.

All I saw is a life full of darkness

Now I like to see a life full of greatness.

I think I forgot how to smile

So, I didn’t smiled in a while.

All I have is a life full of Pain

But will not allow my pain to gain.

I think I do Overthink

Let me get back to my dream Before I blink.

By. The Dreamer

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