Love ❤️

Nina2022/05/11 10:29

Love is an undescribable feeling that brings both happiness and sorrow

Love is a feeling as beautiful as a rose 🌹 but also have thorns in it, Love is beautiful and also painful, love can be true or false real or fake it is like a bullet to the brain and An arrow to the heart, it hurts when you realize that someone you loved so much didn't even love you at all and was only playing with your feeling you feel heart broken, depressed, shattered, you wish the ground could open up and swallow you, you feel you lost everything, you don't wish to open your heart to anyone, and then you begin to hate.

You should know that;

"It's never the end, learn to love your self no matter how hard it may be find your own happiness heal your broken ❤️"

Keep One thing in mind

Someone, Somewhere is meant for you.


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