No role model

Alada thesmallboy2022/05/11 06:18

Work hard and ball out

Eeh a little kid but my mind's so big

Not in a fuckin' race doing things in ma own pace

No role model amma be myself

be my own mentor it's me who knows what I want

F*ck the process so called obedience

Do right, the goal is benefit

No profit no doing it

Amma ball get some money to go out

No begging I don't trust in that shit

Nigga, borrow, invest and get rich

Parties and panties are not gonna help

Work yourself to the tooth

Everything is possible

Take a break and breathe then start afresh

Got some money put it in the bank not that b*tch

Don't be a snitch if you wanna be rich

Don't fake it work till you own it

Got some dreams to reach a wife to feed

Nigga don't be a cl*t

I pray for my blessings

you play that's why you suffering

Hardwork is key but with no brains it's nothing

Get up and be something nigga

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