Long gone

Alada thesmallboy2022/05/10 19:31

Why would it be you

This feeling is so real

Came out of the blues my heart said it's you

Whatever it will bring I'll just take it

Now this is it, should it just be?

Or I just leave

All our promises

Till we grow old, they are now so bold

And I got nothing to hold on

You just took it all

Told you am so weak so don't play

Probably took me for granted

I guess this is what you wanted

Used to pray for you not to go away

Then you made me the prey

Wish you were here to see how much you meant to my world

Just blank without you it's all dark

I still remember your words

Tattoos on my hands you meant so much

So why was I your back up plan?

Any idea how this hurts?

Probably not 'cause you had the guts

I'd forgive and forget but this, it's too much

Not that am glad

You were like my part

now we so apart

Foolish you to do that

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