The confusing part of that thing called "love"

EarthlinašŸ”²2022/05/10 03:02

I was once in a relationship with someone who wasnt thinking about the future with me in it... I was confused on whether to leave or stay... In the end ,i decided to enjoy it while it lasts...

The confusing part of that thing called "love"

I miss you,

Its funny and both sad

'Cos despite all you have put me through

I still dare to say

"I think i love you".

I long for the peace i often find

In the wrapping of your arms,

Nothing makes sense again

Its just you and me in that quiet room

Disturbed by our laughter.

When we would talk about each other's lives

You would say it with almost a smile

Revealing your beautiful set of white

I know forever with you is only a mirage

So i want to spend the little moments

In joy and love

Not thinking about "the tomorrow".

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