Segun99pens2022/05/08 08:15

I can hear the complains of the window panes

At the strike of the first sun rays

Piercing fiercely through the curtains

Even at full wake, I can feel the heart ache

Before the alarm sprang to life

Hard times threatens the peace of the nights

The thoughts of hard times keeps the night awake

And here comes a brand new day

We're afraid to face

The truth is that hard times

is as tough as old boot

It proves hard to die like an old habit

With pool of worries streaming like perspire from the armpit

But we should always remember hard times are like unripe bananas

They're like midnight raising dust

They'll surely settle before the wake of the dawn

Just like a force of gravity

What goes up will definitely come down

With time when it ripes it gets soft

Keeping the head up like the nose is bleeding

Is one of the ways to avoid drowning

But pray, work smart and keep the fate strong

And with the grace of God

It will end in victory

© Segun Eyitayo


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