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"Treasure Justus, it's been over a year now that we've been in a relationship. You are be best girlfriend I've ever had. You showered me with your love, with your care; You are indeed a blessing to me. I'm using this medium in the presence of everyone here to ask you a question. Treasure Justus, 'Will You Marry Me?' "

It's been a week since I've been practicing that statement.

Today, I'm going to proposed to my girlfriend.

She deserved to be the mother of my children.

"Let's do this" I said to myself as I was going out of the house

I entered into my car.

Eagerly, I was driving to the restaurant we agreed on

How I am going to propose to her has filled my brain.

I couldn't think straight.

All that is coming to my brain is her love. I didn't hear the shout of the onlookers.

When I will regain my consciousness, I saw that the tanker before has fallen.

I stopped my car.

As I was about to run out of car, the tanker exploded and I was burnt to Death 💔

I rush to the restaurant to look at the beautiful face of my girlfriend once again.

I made her to feel my presence but she didn't not see me.

She received a call about my Death and She Collapsed



Lessons Learnt:

• Let Your Full Concentration be on the road when driving

• Death can come any time, any day. Live Your Life In A Way that will give you a peaceful end








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