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Charismatic Kyle Palmer; Command school

Section 1 - Chapter one

EmmyDgod2022/05/03 21:57

Written by: EmmyDgod

All he could hear were the sounds of laughter coming from the other students

"Get up Kyle, face me"...

"come on Kyle, show him what you're made of"..

"yeah! show him"...

now he's vision was beginning to clear. He could see the one person who delighted in causing him pain.

"yes weakling, get up and face me" Rye said for the sixth if not the seventh time.

"Rye I don't want to fight yo...."

a punch landed on his stomach before he could complete that statement...

"what! you wanna chicken out..?"

"I don't want any trouble" Kyle said still holding his stomach

"oh! you think am trouble huh?" Rye said advancing toward him

"no Rye.. please, just leave me alone" Kyle said almost crying..

"No Rye, just leave me alone" Rye said mimicking him

laughter broke out between the students and went echoing down the hall way...

"Next time you cross me, it'll be worse than this". Rye said holding up Kyle's head

"Come on gang, let's go".

As soon as they left, the students surrounding them followed suit, leaving Kyle all by himself.

How he wished he could humiliate Rye and put an end to all this, but he tried already, two unsuccessful times. Each time he got the humiliation intended for his supposed victim. He just couldn't continue like this anymore, he needed to do something. Unlike Rye, Kyle was smaller in size and in height. Kyle didn't have the physical attributes like Rye but when it came to brains the two were said to be of the level. Hence, Rye wasn't just strong, he was also intelligent.

Now the students have all left and were attending to their various duties..

Kyle stood up. Picked up his books, took a deep breath then he headed straight home..

At home. Kyle spoke to no one even when his sister Layla asked about his face, he just ignored and went straight to his room.

'Mom would be back by 8:00pm. I need to patch up my face and come up with a good excuse'. That was the only thing in Kyle's head

Kyle Palmer was a 16 year old boy who lived with his mother and sister. Kyle had lost his dad on the day of Blackout (an alien invasion on Earth). The aliens were said to have come from a solar system different from that of the Earth being the Milky way. Their intentions were to destroy everything and take over the planet but the human race fought back and with the sacrifice of a pilot who sacrificed his life to ensure the safety of his race and planet, the aliens were driven away.

It is said that the aliens will eventually return but on a bigger scale. The government of every surviving country came together and agreed that an agency with the sole aim of defeating the aliens should be put up with an academy to recruit and train future soldiers in different fields.

After the death of his father Kyle was admitted into the academy.

Kyle hurriedly patched up his bruises. During dinner, Kyle's mom Mrs Palmer inquired about the patches on his face and he just waved the question away by saying he fell of his bike..

"You Know that's a lie" Layla interrupted

"No one asked you" Kyle immediately replied

"Mom! Kyle's obviously lying" she said again

"Kyle honey, what happened to you" Kyle's mom further inquired

"I fell off a bike mom" Kyle said trying to make look true


"I got into a fight so what.. it's non of your business you know" Kyle said trying not to shout

"A fight! with who?" Kyle's mom exclaimed

"No one mom, I fell off a bike".

"Well I hope that's the truth, cause if I find out you were fighting, I'll..."

"Mom! for God's sake. I fell off a bike".

With this no more questions were asked. He finished his meal and went straight to bed. Thoughts about his dad came flooding through his head. He was still thinking when he fell asleep...

story continues in chapter two...