DEATH - A Debt To Pay

Ireoluwa Writes2022/05/03 08:00
DEATH - A Debt To Pay

"Please make sure you are ready for our outing; I'm on my way already" that was the last statement I told my wife

I left my office joyfully around 5pm because we celebrate our 2 years wedding anniversary today.

I've promised my wife and our beautiful daughter that I will take them out

On my way, I called my wife to inform her that I'm on my way already.

As I was going, the joy in me did not allow me to see the trailer in my front.

I quickly press my car break but to no avail

In a twinkle of an eye, my car entered under the trailer

I saw myself on the road side

I was wondering how I luckily escape

I was so happy that I escape

The happiness turn into sadness when I saw people pulling somebody that had my resemblance out under the trailer

I moved closer and I tried calling someone but to no avail

Nobody heard me.

I tried picking my phone but to no avail

I tried picking my wallet but to no avail

Then I realized that I AM DEAD!

No! Not Today that we are celebrating our 2 years wedding anniversary

I decided to go home and see my wife and our beautiful daughter

I entered the house without opening the door

My wife was worried until she received a call; She fainted after receiving the call

Our House Help called the gateman and they poured water on her.

Now she is awake; crying and crying and crying



DEATH - A Debt We Must Pay💔




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