Be YOU the world will adjust?

Delighty2022/10/13 07:51
Be  YOU the world will adjust?

Your world and your environment will always be entitled to you.

But, what if the things you want most in life are completely different from those expectations?

Craving approval from the outside is a never-ending quest, sapping your energy and depriving you the feel of living truly.

There is no payoff in struggling to be someone you’re not. It doesn’t make anything better. It might make life seem a bit easier on the surface, but in reality, what you’re sacrificing is worth so much that living becomes mere existence.

If you notice that you are constantly seeking the acceptance of others, ask yourself what is missing inside that I am trying to compensate for?

Don’t judge it. Throw some love at it rather. Learn to be you and love and accept yourself, truly and deeply. Not in an ego kind of way but rather embracing who you are, your soul, your curves, edges, your perfect imperfections.

Only then will you be able to evolve, take informed decisions to harness

your gifts and uniqueness.

If you are letting your desires take a backseat to the expectations of others, you’re ignoring an opportunity to explore the possibilities that lay in front of you.

Your time is limited make the most of it, don't rob the WORLD of your sparkle, and don't sell yourself short.

Imagine an endless ocean of possibilities.

Be you the WORLD will just have to adjust.


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