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It was on a bright weekend early afternoon. As I remained there ringing the doorbell tenderly, somebody pulled my pants. "Mom, mom, convey me." Cried a minuscule sharp voice. I really wanted no heavenly messenger to let me know what its identity was. Obviously, it was the voice of my three years of age little girl. If by some stroke of good luck she knew how chaotic it was lifting her up as she had put on a ton of weight as of late. Perhaps more than her age mates however at that point, a mother's affection wouldn't allow me to overlook the little one, regardless of whether I needed to. "Great sky," I murmured, feigned exacerbation, and scooped her up in my arms.


Episode One

Her name was Anna Jack.

As a youngster, she was brought into the world with a silver spoon. She was one of those children who different youngsters begrudged and wanted to be like. She was excessively spoiled by her dad and she was given anything she desired however at that point, it was like life simply needed to prod her as everything didn't keep going long and finished with the lethal passing of her dad.

Her dad passed on when she was only five years of age from a lethal mishap. All things considered, as she was told by her mom.

She was as yet a child then so she didn't see completely how it affected her and what the conditions would introduce.

The main memory she had of her dad's passing was hazy. Everything she could continuously recollect was being brought back home from school by her driver prior to shutting hours and meeting her mother moaning on the floor with peculiar faces all over.

She was afterward that her father had passed on in a lethal auto crash that morning while heading to work after she had left for school. His vehicle was squashed by a trailer which lost its brake with him in the vehicle.

This left the family crushed and her mom in misery for a really long time.

Maybe all would have still been well on the off chance that her mom didn't remarry the following four years.

The main day her mom remarried resembled a goody reward pack to her ahead. That day there was all that could possibly be needed to eat and drink. They had bunches of guests, and well-wishers as grinning faces swirled all around.

The day thereafter was a prologue to her future. She was sent on heaps of tasks however at that point it was her obligation she assumed. All things considered, she was the lone youngster right now.

Scarcely any months after the fact, her mom took in.

She was at first glad that she would have kin yet the tasks that came subsequently were exorbitantly focusing.

Then started to gradually surface reality.

In the first place, her driver was dropped as her stepfather bothered that they couldn't stay aware of the compensation in light of the fact that as per him, it was excessively costly. She had no real option except to board the school transport or journey it out at whatever point she missed it.

It was generally new to her yet she had no real option except to adjust.

On the off chance that that was all, it would have been such a great deal better for her however the awful future that her mom's remarriage brought was horrible.

If by some stroke of good luck she basically had a look into what's to come. Perhaps she would have gotten away from everything.

If by some stroke of good luck she knew......


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