Sleep Paralysis

Jaymie Suh2022/04/29 06:19
Sleep Paralysis

I woke up in a cold dark room only to see an alien-like creature slowly crawling on top of me. It touched me with its sharp pointy nails and pain lingers through my skin. Shocked by the horror in front of me, I can't move my body. I stiffened the more I tried to resist.

Without a warning, the creature opened its mouth to reveal its shark-like teeth. Its slender body is now resting on top of me. It moves closer and closer aiming for my neck. I felt a sharp pain and became delirious from its bite. 

That woke me up from my sleep paralysis and then I saw a dark silhouette from the corner of my room. The dame creature who just bit me earlier. Now that I'm awake, I'm not sure if I can escape that demon again.

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