Merije2022/04/28 06:22

I came again tonight with a new diction

Like it's a force that needs no friction

I'm glad I now have a better intuition

For things that are beyond human comprehension

Like a dove you dey ride me slow

Makes me stay so good and better than glo

I love your vibes and I feel the show

I never want to go cos I want more dough

A woman of valour, you are just so cool

So wonderful and mixed with great foods

Which tastes so nice and blended too

And so delicious no man can stool

Wonderful being, you're just so great

Phenomenal and faithfully made

Better on all sides like a fresh homemade

Distinct human than the wisest maid

I love you so much like I've just been drugged

Can't pull myself under your rug

Sipping alcohol with just one mug

I need you here for much more hugs

Stay so cool and be blessed always

The best is coming, it's on the way

Just check your phone and get my name

Let it ring in your head cos I did the same!

Much love ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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