The Stuttering Of The Revolution

Ambidextrous Ambidex2022/04/25 18:42

The 'The Stuttering Of The Revolution' is a short story about a breach of the peace caused by people (invaders who came from the realms of Magical Lands) who intend to disrupt the peace of certain people (people of the Land Of Peace), for personal gain. Where these invaders succeeded in capturing the kingdom. The people of this kingdom lacked unity after being overwhelmed by fear and then following the wishes of the invaders even though those who refused were killed. This story reminds us that without unity, the fear prevails and leads to injustice. Fear provides an opportunity for the enemy to intervene and disturb the peace.

Long ago in the Land of Peace, invaders invaded. They came from the realms of ​​Magical Lands and their goal was to disrupt the peace and overthrow the existing kingdom and then to rule.

They abducted the people and ordered them to be their followers. Whoever refused was executed. Those who accepted were taken one by one and then sent to a secret place and added, "Overthrow" is your identity, they put a mark on their foreheads and then released them.

When they succeeded in gaining many followers, they decided to capture the royal palace and to kill the King.

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